Build your next start-up company with us

We can be your IT partners and create a modern website or mobile app for your next MVP or start-up.

Hire a Senior Full-Stack Software Developer now
We got you covered! Front-end, back-end, web, mobile apps...

Full-Stack Development for your next Web or Mobile App!

Front-end / Frontend

Angular, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sass, CSS3, HTML5 ...

Back-end / Backend

TypeScript, Node, Express.js, RESTful APIs, MicroServices, Serverless Functions / Lambdas, SQL and noSQL databases, MongoDB, MySQL / MSSQL...

UI/UX Design & Product MVP Design

Figma, Prototyping, High conversion funnels, User Interfaces (UI) Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Product Design for a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP), No-Code and Low-code development, Webflow...

Mobile Desktop Apps

With Flutter we can make apps for iOS, Android and other platforms like Windows, Desktop and Web!

E-Commerce / Online Stores

If you are thinking about Selling products online by Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or through your own online e-commerce store, we can be your partners. Starting your own Dropshipping business or Private Label product line has never been easier. It can be done with Shopify, Webflow, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento... Let's chat about It.

SEO & Content Creation

If you are thinking about how to rank #1 at Google to beat your competitors, you shall have a content creation strategy. We can be your partners for Copywriting and SEO Strategy and Content Creation services.

High-conversion Landing Pages

A high-conversion landing page is a critical part of a good marketing and User Experience Design. We can help you to design your sales conversion funnel and implement a landing page that converts visitors into customers!

Start-up MVPs

The creation of a Start-up Minimum Viable Products can be very tricky. We help you to build a viable strategy and execute It, lowering the risks, costs and reducing the time-to-market (launch quickly, test and pivot!). AGILE & the LEAN START-UP methodology are natural to us.